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Warsaw to host the 3rd Data Economy Congress

by Dignity News
The 3rd Data Economy Congress will be held at The Westin Warsaw hotel on 25-26 March 2024. A group of data management experts will meet to analyse the new data economy model once again.

The congress will be inaugurated with a discussion on the effective process management of Polish public institutions. Speakers will analyse the milestones for the “digital state”, the opportunities arising for the mObywatel from the European Digital Identity Wallet, the creation of access to the National Electronic Identity Node and the process of democratising access to public data.

Another thematic block will focus on strategic management in the era of the data economy – effective business decision-making and efficient monetisation based on data.

ESG and sustainability in the data age and cross-sectoral collaboration in data-driven strategic decision-making will be key themes that experts will lean on. The debates feature topics including the opportunities and potentials of ESG reporting, advanced reporting technologies and accelerating accurate report-based business decisions, identifying sustainability trends.

Day two of the congress will bring topics on future technologies. Experts will comment on the current state and future applications of quantum technologies and the use of AI in business, including preparing organisations and data for AI implementation, technological barriers to AI implementations in organisations, the human factor in the context of AI, moral and ethical challenges of rapid AI development, and scaling AI.

Speakers will answer the question of how to manage data so that it is reliable, complete, up-to-date and consistent and free of errors, inconsistencies and omissions. The congress will conclude with a debate on the challenges in integrating AI, IoT and robotics. There will be issues related to cyber security, cybersecurity incident detection and management, robotics and automation, and building ecosystems using IoT data.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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