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Rafako and Affexy to cooperate in improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint

by Dignity News

Rafako and Affexy have announced the start of a collaboration to create a new quality in energy management and optimisation. The collaboration project is an innovative GridWise AI system that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to forecast electricity prices and optimise energy management.

“The collaboration with Affexy and the validation of the GridWise AI system is a milestone in our innovation and sustainability efforts. I am convinced that our joint activities will contribute to a significant improvement in energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon footprint of the Polish industry”, says Rafako CEO Robert Kuraszkiewicz.

As part of the cooperation, a pilot project is planned to be carried out in Rafako’s infrastructure, which will enable practical verification of the system’s effectiveness. The success of the pilot will pave the way for the implementation of the solution on a national scale and then on the international market, which is the goal of the project.

The GridWise AI system, the result of Affexa’s research and development work, aims to revolutionise the way energy companies predict energy prices and manage energy consumption. Using deep neural networks and machine learning techniques, the project will enable significant improvements in energy efficiency and optimise companies’ operating costs also in the context of the use of energy storage and renewable energy sources.

Affexy is a company specialising in the development of advanced technologies using artificial intelligence. It provides innovative solutions based on proprietary and built-from-scratch algorithms that find application in many sectors of the economy, including the energy sector.

Rafako is a manufacturer of boilers and environmental protection equipment for the power industry. It offers general construction of fossil fuel-fired power units. Rafako’s consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 391m in 2022.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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