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Unemployment in Poland declines and will remain low


According to data from the EU’s statistical office Eurostat, Poland’s unemployment rate was 2.9 % in December, down from 3 % in November. Only the Czech Republic recorded a lower rate of 2.3 % and Germany had an equal rate.

Eurostat data once again confirm the good and stable situation on our labour market. While in other countries of the Community the unemployment rate is increasing or stagnating, in our country it is decreasing. “We achieved the second best result in Europe – 2.9 %. These figures are proof that the government’s policy is working”, maintains the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg. 

“We constantly monitor the situation and react on an ongoing basis. Thanks to appropriate measures, we saved millions of jobs that were at risk during the pandemic. Another test was the war in Ukraine. Citizens of that country, fleeing Putin’s regime, found both shelter and employment in Poland” she adds. 

The number of job seekers in Poland, according to Eurostat, was 503,000 in December, compared to 508,000 the month before.

Across the European Union, the unemployment rate was 6.1 per cent. The country with the highest unemployment rate is Spain. Unemployment there was 13.1 %.

The trend towards falling unemployment is also confirmed by the Bureau of Investment and Economic Cycles (BICE). It published the Labour Market Index (LMI) reporting future changes in the unemployment rate, which is declining for another month.

“The scale of the decline was slightly weaker than a month ago. The analysis of changes in particular components of the WRP indicates that despite the tightening of conditions on the labour market, there should not be a significant increase in the registered unemployment rate in the near future, apart from its minor fluctuations resulting mainly from seasonal factors, reports BICE.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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