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POLIN Music Festival

by Dignity News
The Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland are organising the POLIN Music Festival from 22-25 February 2024, which will consist of four concert evenings filled with world and Polish premieres. The programme includes songs, symphonic music, percussionists and street dancers, opera. From Bernstein to Braxton, from Glass to Weiser, from Molodowska to Schulz. Renowned Polish ensembles, artists of the young generation and international stars such as Grammy winners Third Coast Percussion will perform.

“In its most primordial function, music brought people together. Darwin claims that the first song was a mating song. Invisible singing helped to harness invisible spirits. A tuned troop of soldiers with a song on their lips was more effective than the cacophony of enemy warlords. Music was a vehicle for telling the story of what was most important to a community: history, heroes, gods. I believe that although the musical form has evolved a lot since then, music can still perform this uplifting, unifying function. And that is what our festival is also about. Above all, however, it is a meeting with the diversity of Jewish music,” said Kajetan Prochyra, curator of the POLIN Museum Music Stage.

The event will begin on Thursday 22 February with a chamber concert ‘all the days were Purple’, featuring Eliza Bagg and her chamber ensemble.

On Friday 23 February, the organisers are inviting the public to a symphonic concert: ‘Tfiles / Prayer’. The Polish Radio Orchestra in Warsaw, conducted by Michał Klauza, will perform, and the following works will be heard: Leondard Bernstein “Halil” – Ania Karpowicz (flute) Polish premiere; Alex Weiser “Tfiles” – Andrzej Ciepliński (clarinet) – world premiere; Avner Dorman “Piano Concerto no. 3′ – Mackenzie Melemed (piano) Polish premiere.

Saturday is the ‘Metamorphosis’ concert, featuring Third Coast Percussion. The event on Sunday 25 February will conclude with ‘Mannequins’, based on the prose of Bruno Schulz.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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