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Implementation of artificial intelligence tools in Polish companies is accelerating

by Dignity News
The company EY has conducted research on the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in Polish companies. They show that domestic companies are very open to the introduction of AI-based tools.

The survey shows that the transformation of indigenous organisations towards artificial intelligence is accelerating. This process has already been completed by 20% of organisations and a further 42% are in the process. Companies are primarily focusing on customer service (50%), sales (40%) and IT (37%) solutions. Models are based on customer (54%), transactional (53%) and text data (46%).

In the next 18 months, a significant increase in spending on AI-based tools is expected in 18% of organisations, and a slight increase in 41%. Notably, companies that have completed the implementation process are twice as likely to declare an increase in their spending.

Among the companies that went through the entire implementation procedure, as many as 80% confirmed that they had achieved their intended benefits, and in two-thirds of cases, the entire process involved a wider transformation. Companies that aborted their attempt to implement AI solutions (8% of those surveyed) point primarily to technological difficulties (42%) and high costs (37%).

Polish companies have embraced the development of AI-based tools with great optimism, noting that smooth adoption enables them to build competitive advantage faster. However, according to a survey commissioned by EY, the openness of management boards goes hand in hand with prudence. This is since the implementation of AI solutions is a complex activity, and the entire implementation process touches multiple functions within an organisation. That is why it is so important to clearly define the purpose to be served by the introduced solution and the expected benefits of the implementation, says Jacek Kędzior, Managing Partner of EY Polska.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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