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Every fourth company implements automation

by Dignity News
Currently, one in four companies is implementing automation or artificial intelligence with more than half (55 %) of companies express their readiness to use them. According to the latest ‘Polish Labour Market Barometer’ report by Personnel Service, this is an increase of 2 % compared to last year.

The growing use of new technologies will affect employees who notice the changes and plan to develop their skills. Overall, 55 % of them express interest in expanding their knowledge and skills in the context of the growing importance of automation and artificial intelligence.

Automation, robotisation and AI play a key role in today’s world, as noted by employers. According to Personnel Service’s ‘Polish Labour Market Barometer’, more than one in two companies are ready to implement new technologies. Over the course of four years, this is a jump of as much as 46 %.

Only one in ten companies shows a definite lack of readiness to implement automation, just like a year ago. Being ready, however, does not mean that new technologies are already in place. One in four organisations is currently implementing them. Such activities are most often declared by the largest companies (32 %) compared to 20 % of medium-sized companies and 19 % of small companies.

In the near future, 22 % of entrepreneurs have plans for automation and AI. Here, the TSL sector stands out in particular, with as many as 41 % of companies indicating the need to implement automation in the near future. It is immediately followed by the trade sector (37 %) and then by the construction industry (24 %). 27 % of companies have no plans for automation or robotisation activities, but do not rule out that they will occur in the future. Only 16 % of employers are not implementing and do not plan to implement automation in the future.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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