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Centre for the Development of Creative Industries opened in Warsaw


The Laboratory of the Future Hall of the Centre for the Development of Creative Industries (CRPK) has been opened in Warsaw. This is the next step in the government’s educational and technological programme ‘Laboratories of the Future’. More than PLN 1.2 billion has already been allocated for modern equipment for Polish schools. 

“Everything in new technologies, but also in culture, is to be combined here. We want to use the potentials of the individual sectors of culture and education in a synergic way”, said Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Piotr Gliński during the ceremonial inauguration of the CRPK.

According to the minister, the programme run by the Ministry of Education and Science, together with partners from other ministries and agencies and foundations, is an example of the state’s activity of supporting creative ideas, something that is wildly anticipated at the moment.

“Technology is bringing about social and cultural change so quickly that I am very pleased that a place for the exchange of experience, dialogue, and contact between people from different generations has been created”, added the head of the Ministry of Culture.

As part of the ‘Laboratories of the Future’ programme, primary schools and general art schools have been equipped with modern equipment at a cost of more than one billion PLN. As the initiators of the project emphasised, the CRPK’s Laboratories of the Future Hall provides an opportunity to develop the competencies of the future among secondary school students, teaching and university staff.

The Warsaw Hall of the CRPK is inviting everyone interested to take part in a variety of workshops, e.g. in advanced 3D printing, photography, video, podcasting, as well as classes in various forms of creative expression – from theatre to vocal workshops.

“There are currently 10 zones in the Hall. Starting next week, we will begin with the first audiovisual workshop, to be followed in the following weeks by other projects involving podcasts, amateur theatre, and the use of 3D printing”, announced Mikołaj Turowski, director of the CRPK.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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