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Warsaw to host the 5th Polish Music Convention

by Dignity News
The 5th Polish Music Convention organised by the National Institute of Music and Dance will take place in Warsaw on 28-30 November 2023. This year’s event will be held with audience participation in the Auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts. All discussion panels will also be broadcast on the Internet.

The Polish Music Convention is a periodic event – a meeting of artists, i.e. practitioners, as well as observers, journalists and animators of musical life in our country, specialists in their fields.

For several days, during thematic sessions, they diagnose the problems and successes of broadly defined Polish music. The tradition of the meetings dates to 2011. Since then, the music community has been discussing the current condition of Polish music and what to do to ensure that it develops unhindered every three years.

According to the National Institute of Music and Dance, the aim of the Polish Music Convention is to review the opportunities and challenges of Polish music from the perspective of creators, performers, and institutions. The meeting’s participants face the challenge of identifying the potential for its development and promotion, as well as identifying areas that require support from the public sector through changes to regulations, promotion mechanisms or the scope of protection.

The Convention will feature ten panel discussions covering Polish music in its various genre and historical forms, as well as sessions addressing the topics of music funding, music criticism, export, and promotion.

The first day of the event will feature three thematic panels: Organisation of musical life in Poland – Artistic impresarios – NGO’s; Closer to the stars! Availability of classical music in community and village cultural centres, churches; Polish Jazz? YES! or how it is with Polish jazz and jazz in Poland.

On the following days, however, participants will be able to take part in discussions on topics including Polish music of the 19th century, contemporary music and the promotion of Polish music abroad.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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