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Vaccination against the Kraken sub-variant of the coronavirus starting

by Dignity News
The Ministry of Health announces that from Wednesday, 6 December, people over 12 years of age will be able to be vaccinated with Novavax’s Nuvaxovid vaccine modified for the coronavirus sub-variant XBB.1.5 (“Kraken”). On the night of 5-6 December 2023, referral for vaccination will be made automatically by the system, reports the Ministry of Health.

Vaccination with a product matched to a sub-variant of the coronavirus called Kraken will be made available free of charge to all citizens wishing to be vaccinated.

It is a continuation of the vaccinations performed under the National Vaccination Programme. As such, the vaccines for the vaccination are funded by the Minister of Health and the cost of the service (qualification for the vaccination and its performance) will be funded by the National Health Fund.

The Ministry of Health convinces that the product from Novavax is assessed as very effective and safe. The vaccination will be available at vaccination centres, clinics as well as pharmacies.

Kraken is assumed to be a more virulent sub-variant of coronavirus than previous strains of the virus.

Vaccines against COVID-19 are being developed to better match circulating variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the new formulation has been adapted to be effective against Omicron XBB.1.5, as recommended by a group of experts from the CHMP (Committee for Human Medicinal Products of the European Medicines Agency) and other regulatory bodies, including the World Health Organisation. Novavax formulations have been assessed as safe and effective not only against the current dangerous Kraken, but also against other variants: BA.2.86 (Pirola), EG.5.1 (Eris), FL.1.5.1 (Fornax) and XBB.1.16 (Arcturus).

Adrian Andrzejewski

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