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TVP Science channel launches a series “Poles in space”

by Dignity News
The TVP Science channel has prepared a documentary series about the contribution of Polish scientists to space exploration. The series “Poles in Space” consists of 8 episodes. The first episode was broadcast on Saturday 3 February and the second on Sunday 4 February. The next ones will be available to watch on TVP Science on subsequent weekends in February.

From the very beginning of space missions, scientists from Poland or of Polish origin have had a major part in creating the technology and scientific basis for space travel. It was Polish scientists who prepared the first ‘lunar car’, were responsible for the communication system or the composition of the breathing mixture in the Apollo programme.

In the series of films, we will see not only the historical achievements of our compatriots, but also look behind the scenes of contemporary research projects. One episode tells the story of the Polish rocket programme, suspended in the 1970s, but now reactivated and continued by the next generation of engineers. Also, the International Space Station hides the fruits of the work of our scientists. Each episode of the series is dedicated to one story and one issue.

The series recalls the profiles and achievements of Polish scientists, including: Stanisław Rogalski, an engineer at Grumman Aerospace who built the lunar lander, Kazimierz Piwoński, who designed the Randezvous Radar for communication between the lunar lander and the service module, enabling the vehicles to track each other in orbit and safely dock during the return of astronauts from the lunar surface, or Werner Ryszard Kirchner, who developed a formula for special fuel for the Eagle lander.

Poles in Space’ – episodes

3.02 “Poles in space – A small step for man”

4.02 “Poles in Space – The Age of the Shuttle”

10.02 “Poles in Space – Apollo Programme”

11.02 “Poles in Space – The Lunar Car”

17.02 “Poles in Space – The Solar System”

18.02 “Poles in Space – Polish rockets”

24.02 “Poles in Space – Home in Orbit”

25.02 “Poles in space – Polish cosmonaut”

Adrian Andrzejewski

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