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Second Royal Festival of Crafts to open in Wilanów

by Dignity News
The King John III Palace Museum in Wilanów is inviting participants to the 2nd Royal Crafts Festival, which will be held in the front yard of the Wilanów Palace in Warsaw on 17-18 September 2022.

Approximately 50 exhibitors will present their works during the event. Visitors to the Festival will be able to meet representatives of ancient professions and artists creating: kontusz belts, ceramics, jewellery, toys, icons, woodcuts and prints as well as to meet masters of calligraphy, bookbinding, cutwork, lace-making, weaving, glass-making, carpentry, blacksmithing, knitting, embroidery, wickerwork, cheese-making and caramel-making and talk to a modiste, a dyer, a shoemaker, a leatherworker, a minter, an armourer, a boilermaker, a petty trader and a maker of natural cosmetics according to medieval recipes.

The organisers emphasize that the Royal Crafts Festival is a promotion, education and support for old professions and forgotten manufacturing techniques. At the same time, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the range of products created by craftsmen.

During the Festival, it will be possible to buy a unique item or order a customised product. Of particular value is also the opportunity to establish personal contact with the creators, to commune with their works and their passion for life.

Participants can also look forward to interesting demonstrations, meetings and exchanges with master craftsmen.

Representatives of dying trades and people recreating old crafts, including stalls reconstructed in the spirit of the era, have been invited to participate in the festival.

The festival is accompanied by calligraphy workshops and workshops for weaving kószki, i.e. straw beehives.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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