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Polish government works on tackling energy poverty

by Dignity News
“The Polish government is working on a draft law on energy poverty to extend support to those who could be affected by rising energy prices”, said Deputy Climate Minister Miłosz Motyka. He added that the idea is also to regulate in such a way that energy and gas prices do not radically increase.

“We are discussing a law on energy poverty, which could extend support to those who could be hit very hard in the pocket. The budgetary situation is stable enough and we will adopt such solutions”, informed the deputy minister, noting that there are several models “that will not make energy and gas prices rise radically”.

The deputy head of the climate ministry also referred to the problem of high energy prices. He said that a broad team is working on solutions – the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Climate, the Ministry of State Assets and the Ministry of Industry, as a large part of the raw material competences will move to the Ministry of Industry. “We are discussing the marketisation of these prices”, he pointed out adding that energy prices on the markets are “much lower than they were a dozen months, a few years ago”.

At the end of 2023, a law was passed that maintains the existing rules for the protection of certain electricity, gas, and heat consumers in the first half of 2024. Among other things, the legislation provides for maximum electricity prices for households and small and medium-sized companies. The existing maximum electricity price of PLN 412 per MWh net up to a certain consumption limit is maintained.

Motyka stressed that the government is also keen on solutions that will simplify procedures to shorten the investment process, which takes too long in Poland. “We also want to present a law on prosumer energy in terms of billing. Soon this law will be included in the list of works of the Council of Ministers and for consultations”, he announced.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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