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Poland’s first hydrogen locomotive after successful testing

by Dignity News
The SM42-6Dn manoeuvring hydrogen locomotive, manufactured by Pesa Bydgoszcz, has successfully passed tests in operating conditions on the Ciech Cargo siding in Inowrocław. The locomotive pulled trainsets weighing more than 2,200t gross in real shunting work conditions.

The locomotive’s tanks hold 175kg of hydrogen and the traction system also includes two fuel cells, each with a power output of 85kW, a battery and four traction motors. This is the first hydrogen locomotive of its kind in Europe to be approved for operation by the Polish Rail Transport Office.

During the tests, work was carried out which is performed daily on the siding by the shunting locomotives currently operated by Ciech Cargo. The trials were designed to test the functionality of the locomotive in the shunting work for which it was designed.

“From Pesa’s point of view, we have two reasons for satisfaction. Firstly, it is another customer who is interested in our SM42-6Dn, and secondly – during the tests on the siding in Inowrocław the locomotive, as part of normal shunting work, pulled at a speed of 10 km/h a train of 43 wagons weighing 2,200 gross tons in continuous service, confirming its high operating parameters”, says the director for strategic projects and communications of the Bydgoszcz factory, Maciej Grześkowiak.

Due to the specific nature of the siding service provided by Ciech Cargo, various configurations of train sets could be tested, starting with entire freight trainsets being introduced onto the siding after the arrival of the train from the country, shunting work on the siding and the removal of empty trainsets from the siding to the Inowrocław Chemia station after unloading.

Ciech Cargo aims to operate responsibly to reduce its carbon footprint. By testing modern hydrogen technology, it wants to take care of the environment and raise the standard of work of our employees, which, apart from safety, is a priority for the company.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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