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PKN Orlen to invest PLN 2 billion in Gdansk


PKN Orlen announces the construction of a terminal for the handling of offshore vessels, which will enable the handling of over one million tonnes of products, and the construction of a Hydrocracking Oil Block (HBO) installation, related to the terminal. The launch of both investments, located in Gdansk and worth a total of PLN 2 billion, is planned by mid-2025.

The project includes the construction of a reloading wharf for handling marine vessels of up to 130m in length, a draft depth of up to approximately 5.8m and a width of up to 17.6m. The works include the construction of a wharf together with two loading berths for operating tankers and the necessary infrastructure, i.e. buildings, pipelines, steel flyovers, underground and auxiliary infrastructure connecting the terminal with the refinery in Gdansk.

“We are allocating PLN 2 billion for investments that will increase the profitability of the refinery’s crude oil processing, as well as strengthen the security of product supply. By investing in our own infrastructure, we are increasing our independence from external partners and thus generating significant savings in logistics. Importantly, in doing so, we are utilising the potential of the local companies that will work on this project on our behalf”, said PKN Orlen CEO Daniel Obajtek.

The target reloading capacity of the offshore terminal located on the Martwa Wisła river could reach up to 2 million tonnes of products per year in the following years. The implementation of the investment is expected to improve the profitability and security of supply of bio-components for fuel production and the transport of products manufactured at the refinery.

The HBO installation will improve the economics of crude oil processing. The installation is expected to produce more than 400,000 tonnes of oils and several tens of thousands of tonnes of fuel intermediates annually. The HBO installation at the Gdansk refinery is to enable the production of high-quality oils.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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