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More than 17,000 female professional soldiers serve in the Polish Army

by Dignity News
According to data as of 1 March 2024, 17,334 women serve professionally in the Polish army. They serve in all corps and all types of armed forces. Female soldiers prove themselves in command, technical, medical, educational positions, and as regular soldiers.

On 19 March, a meeting of the Council for Female Military Service and Plenipotentiaries for Female Military Service in the Polish Army was held at the Ministry of Defence in Warsaw.

“This is a great honour and distinction for me, and for the first time since I have been Minister of National Defence I have such a feeling that I am meeting with people who have really often gone through a very difficult path to get to where they are today”, said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defence Władysław Kosiniak – Kamysz.

“13 % of women in the Polish Army, 17,000 soldiers. Every fourth person entering voluntary basic military service is a woman. These are figures that describe how the Polish army has changed over these 25 years, since Poland joined NATO”, noted the head of the national defence ministry.

He announced the introduction of a military family card, which will offer benefits to military families.

“I would like to talk about the things that I take as a goal in my term of office. Firstly, the individual equipment of the soldier. It must be adapted to the needs of both men and women. It must take all these needs into account. It must be comfortable, of the best quality and adapted to the needs and the activities you perform. The second point is upskilling and management. I am very much asking you to be ready to perform not only your current service, but also your command. To perform the most important functions in the Polish Army. In my opinion, after 25 years of presence in NATO, this is simply natural”, remarked Deputy Prime Minister Kosiniak – Kamysz.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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