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Legnica Special Economic Zone to build a power plant consisting of 10 small nuclear reactors

by Dignity News
The Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSSE) and DB Energy have signed a letter of intent with Last Energy Poland, concerning the construction of a power plant consisting of 10 Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) with a total electrical power of 200 MW, as well as the collection of energy for a period of minimum 24 years by the LSSE and the tenants of the zone. This will provide a safe, stable and emission-free source of energy for investments located in the Zone.

SMR technology is a novelty in the Polish energy sector. However, experts predict that in the coming years, due to high energy prices, the limited availability of power in the electricity grid and the availability of fossil fuels, there will be increased development and corporate interest in nuclear reactors.

“The global problems of energy shortages are currently much talked about. Potential investors are increasingly hampered by the availability of energy and gas in the quantities they need. The new solution could allow a safe, stable and emission-free energy source for factories located in the Zone. We are taking another step not only towards green energy but also towards strengthening energy security”, says LSSE president Przemysław Bożek.

Last Energy is an American investor, developer and operator of small modular nuclear power plants. The fully scaleable design developed by Last Energy provides emission-free and cost-competitive energy to accelerate the decarbonisation of the economy.

Last Energy’s SMR offering encompasses the entire investment process – from design concept, design, agreements, financing, implementation, servicing, maintenance and customer energy production to plant and fuel disposal, while DB Energy, a leading energy efficiency improvement company, will provide integration of the plant infrastructure and end customers.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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