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Legnica Special Economic Zone buys new land for investment by Intel and PepsiCo

by Dignity News
The Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSEZ) has bought 300 ha in the communes of Miękinia and Środa Śląska. An industrial park is being created there, where companies such as Intel and PepsiCo will develop their operations.

The land purchased for over 234 million PLN will be used to create the Miękinia – Środa Śląska Industrial Park, which will ultimately cover an area of 400 ha. LSEZ President Przemysław Bożek emphasised that the new areas are excellent places for investment.

“They are not only in an exceptionally favourable location, in the heart of Lower Silesia, but also have a very good scientific background and adequate technical infrastructure. We do not hide the fact that the interest of investors in these areas is huge”, says Bożek.

He added that industrial parks are created with a long-term impact on the local economy in mind. “In addition to attracting experienced and budding entrepreneurs, we focus on young people, for whom new jobs will be an opportunity for development in our region. Today is another important step for the industrial park in Miękinia and Środa Śląska, but we are also building parks in the vicinity of other cities, including Głogów”, announces Bożek.

Representatives of the LSSE and the National Centre for Agricultural Support signed an agreement under which the LSSE bought 300 ha of land within the boundaries of the Kadłub and Źródła precincts in the Miękinia commune and the Juszczyn and Święte precincts in the Środa Śląska commune. The cost of the purchase is more than PLN 234 million.

In Święte near Środa Śląska, on a 30-hectare area of the LSSE, a PepsiCo plant is already in operation, which will eventually employ 450 new workers. The billion-plus investment is being carried out in stages until 2025.

An investment of nearly PLN 20 billion has also been announced – in the municipality of Miękinia – by the US company Intel. The construction of a Semiconductor Integration and Testing Plant is planned in the Legnica Special Economic Zone in the Miękinia subzone and the Środa Śląska subzone.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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