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Italian Pininfarina studio involved in design of Polish brand Izera


The Italian Pininfarina studio, the responsible for the design of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo models, will develop three production versions of the Polish Izera electric car. The legendary designer will develop the exterior and interior styling for the SUV, hatchback, and universal car.

The cars will be constructed based on the SEA platform. The technology partnership between Geely – the owner of the technology – and ElectroMobility Poland (EMP) was announced in November 2022. Łukasz Maliczenko of EMP, noted that the opportunity to work with Pininfarina is another important step on the road to series production of the Izera. 

“As a new brand, we need to look for our advantages in a very competitive market, and timeless, attractive design is to be one of the features that will distinguish the Izera”, Malichenko said.

Based in Turin, Pininfarina has been designing cars for 93 years. To date, it has created many models that have made a lasting mark on automotive history, such as the Cisitalia, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider and the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. Founded in 1930, Pininfarina has evolved from an artisanal company into an international service group dedicated to industrial design in the fields of architecture, sailing, broad mobility, among others.

Importantly for the collaboration with ElectroMobility Poland, the Italians also have experience in designing electric cars and working with startups.

“It should not be forgotten that we designed the first electric car in 1977, so imagine how long ago that was. Therefore, we have been able to accumulate a lot of experience that we want to share with EMP”, says Pininfarina CEO Silvio Pietro Angori.

According to EMP, the first stage of preparatory work on the site of the future Jaworzno Economic Area is coming to an end. The replacement investor, Prochem, is working on the construction project and the relevant permits and approvals to enable the construction process to begin early next year.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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