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Drivers of German-made cars cause the most damage on the roads

by Dignity News
Compensa insurance company has presented calculations showing that BMW drivers cause the most damage on Polish roads. Drivers of Hyundai cars drive the safest.

BMW drivers have been shrouded in disrepute for years. Police websites often report brash driving and countless accidents involving them. On the internet one can find many recordings showing dangerous behaviour of drivers of this German brand.

The insurance company Compensa has checked the relationship between the make of the vehicle and the number of damages caused. The comparison took into account the 10 most popular car brands in Poland. It turns out that BMW drivers cause 55% more damage than Hyundai drivers. Mercedes drivers cause 29%, Audi (27%), Volkswagen (22%), Skoda (17%), Ford (16%) and Kia (12%) more damages than Hyundai users.

The data on which car brand causes the most damage on the roads is not irrelevant when calculating insurance premiums.

“The relatively low average value of damage caused by drivers driving a Dacia or Toyota, for example, can be an argument for a more lenient third-party liability quote. And vice versa in the case of brands with high damage valuation”, says Monika Lis-Stawińska of Compensa.

However, the make of the vehicle is not the most important criterion. The more important ones when calculating the amount of premium include the address of residence of the driver buying the policy, his/her age or previous driving history (driving period and number of damages on the account).

An analysis by the Polish Insurance Association showed that the average value of a third-party liability policy damage in the first half of this year was PLN 8,769. Compared to the first half of last year, the amount of damages increased by 5% in the same period of 2022.

Arkadiusz Slomczynski

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