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Dairy products manufacturer to build photovoltaic farm on its factory site

by Dignity News
Zott Polska, a global manufacturer of dairy products, will build the largest photovoltaic farm in Opole. The installation will cover a total of 2 hectares. It will include 1.2 hectares of land area and 0.8 hectares of roof area. The farm will reach a capacity of 1564 kWp.

The idea to invest in green energy and build a photovoltaic farm was conceived as early as 2021, but the formalities, i.e. the process of preparing the project and obtaining the relevant permits, took more than two years. According to Zott Polska, this will be the largest project of its kind in Opole. It fits in with the company’s strategy, in which sustainable development is one of the most important themes.

“The construction of a photovoltaic farm at our plant is the first of the planned large investments aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time fitting in with the company’s efforts to protect the environment. It will enable us to cover around 10 % of our annual energy consumption. Indirectly, the power generator will be able to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels”, says Zott Polska director Rafał Rzepka.

The director adds that sustainability is firmly embedded in Zott’s corporate strategy 2026+ as one of eight main themes and covers several areas that focus not only on climate and the environment. Construction is scheduled to start later in November, with a completion date of May next year.

“The company’s use of renewable energy will contribute to its energy independence and stability. It is also the right step in the face of growing public awareness of the importance of renewable energy sources in the age of global warming”, assesses Rzepka.

Zott has been operating on the Polish market for over 30 years. It is one of the most recognisable brands on the dairy products market. The plant in Opole began operations in 2000. Zott produces its products using milk from local suppliers- Opole farmers.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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