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Congress Hall in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw to be modernised

by Dignity News
The Congress Hall, a part of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw (PKiN) that has been closed for nine years, will be rebuilt. The modernisation of the hall, which has hosted Communist Party conventions and concerts of Marlene Dietrich, Elton John and the Rolling Stones, will take three years and cost almost 400 million PLN.

After the renovation, the Congress Hall will be a multifunctional venue equipped with modern facilities, allowing the organisation of a variety of world-class events. The aim of the works is to revitalise and modernise the facility, which will enable the staging of congresses, conferences, pop and classical music concerts, theatre and ballet performances and other spectacular events.

The modernisation of the facility will allow the use of modern security systems, audiovisual technology equipment, stage mechanics and lighting. Fire-fighting installations will also be modernised, including sprinkler, fire sprinkler, DSO, SAP and GEMOS systems, a system of fire dampers and gates, a fire ventilation system, fire curtains, a smoke curtain for the stage and emergency lighting for the hall and staircases.

The original historic appearance will be preserved, as all the work will be carried out under the supervision of a conservator. At first glance, for those who remember the place, not much will change.

“What is most important is that the Congress Hall will be a modern facility with modern acoustics after this modernisation, but it will look as it did when it was commissioned. Of course, you will see differences, because everything will be renovated, but the technologies we will use, concerning fire safety, sound system, acoustics, and other equipment, will be completely new, so we will have a modern venue with a traditional, historical look”, says the president of the Palace of Culture and Science, Rafał Krzemień.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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