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Central Communication Port prepared development strategy. Meetings with local authorities begin

by Dignity News
The Central Communication Port (CPK) company has prepared a strategy document on development prospects until 2040. Also, meetings with local government units have started since Tuesday. The strategy is expected to be adopted by the Council of Ministers next year.

The CPK Surrounding Area Development Strategy is a document that will contain detailed plans for the development of the area located closest to the planned CPK hub including 18 municipalities in five poviats: Baranów, Błonie, Brwinów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Jaktorów, Michałowice, Milanówek, Nowa Sucha, Ożarów Mazowiecki, Piastów, Podkowa Leśna, Pruszków, Radziejowice, Sochaczew (municipality and town), Teresin, Wiskitki and Żyrardów. Almost 390,000 people live in this area of 1,080 square kilometres.

The strategy will set out the directions for the development of the immediate surroundings of the CPK and the methods of financing individual investments. Planned actions will take into account both the need to counteract unfavourable phenomena associated with intensive infrastructure development, as well as to take advantage of opportunities – for residents, local governments and entrepreneurs in the area. In the coming weeks, workshops are planned with the participation of local governments from the area surrounding the CPK, with the aim of collecting comments on the Strategy. This will allow the authors to prepare the next version of the Strategy, which will meet the development needs of local governments.

“CPK is a gigantic development opportunity for the municipalities surrounding the future airport. The development strategy for the area surrounding CPK serves the purpose of effectively planning the co-existence of local authorities and the Solidarity Port and ultimately maximising mutual benefits. The strategy will ensure that local authorities have a huge impact on the development of the municipalities and districts neighbouring the investment. I hope that thanks to our today’s cooperation we are undertaking today, we will be able to work out the best solutions”, stresses Marcin Horała, deputy minister for funds and regional policy, government plenipotentiary for CPK issues.

Arkadiusz Słomczyński

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