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Application mObywatel 2.0 receives the title Product of the Year

by Dignity News
During the conference ‘IT@BANK 2023 – the world of future technologies’, an annual event aimed at the financial services sector, awards were presented to the best digital initiatives and IT companies. This year, the Polish Bank Association awarded the Product of the Year title to the mObywatel 2.0 application.

The award was received by the Minister of Digitalisation Janusz Cieszynski, who stressed that „what we have in Poland is expected to be a standard in the European Union in three years’ time. We have already reached this point; we have a lot to be proud of. This is the great work of hundreds of people”, he added.

The mObywatel 2.0 is a new version of an application used by millions of Poles. Its aim is to facilitate access to digital public services. The innovative solutions include: mDowód – a digital identity document on a par with a traditional ID card, Temporary Driving Licence – allowing drivers to legally drive a vehicle immediately after receiving a positive test result. An ePayments service pilot has also been added, allowing administrative fees (e.g. for properties, documents) to be paid using BLIK.

Since the introduction of the new digital identity document, mDowód has already been downloaded by more than 5.1 million Poles. Further services are being launched, e.g. paying fines, the possibility to check data in the Central Register of Voters or the option to check air quality. In mObywatel, it is also possible to make an e-visit to the Social Insurance Institution.

According to the Ministry of Digitalisation, there are more than 514,000 logins to the mObywatel application every day. More than 3.6 million Poles have checked their fines in it, more than 5 million Poles have checked their data in the Central Register of Voters before the elections, more than a million times we have checked the air quality in the application (information about air pollution readings is provided by the meters of the Educational Anti-Smog Network of NASK). Finally, more than 600,000 people checked their vehicle history in mObywatel.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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