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Allianz Trade: Poland’s economic risk rating remains at medium level

by Dignity News
Allianz Trade has published the Country Risk Atlas – the Business Risk Atlas of Countries. The publication focuses on country risk – an expertise that the global leader in trade receivables insurance has built up over decades. Country Risk Atlas is based on a proprietary risk assessment model that is updated quarterly with the latest economic developments and Allianz Trade’s own data on global insolvencies and the business environment.

In 2023, 21 economies have increased their risk rating, while only four have been downgraded. Poland remained unchanged, with its economic risk rating remaining at medium.

ÄMedium risk in Central and Eastern Europe does not mean that our region is a monolith; on the contrary, it is quite diverse. Countries where Polish entrepreneurs most often have their local, proven partners, such as the Czech Republic, have an average level of risk – just like Poland. Meanwhile, Slovenia should not be associated only with mountains and skiing, and Croatia only with holidays on the Adriatic Sea. Both countries have moved up in our risk ranking. It is currently low there, so it is worth considering looking for interesting business options there, also while holidaying there”, said Sławomir Bąk, member of the Management Board of Allianz Trade in Poland responsible for risk assessment.

In their assessment of the current components of the Polish economy, Allianz Trade analysts note solid domestic demand, a confident business environment – well above average, although public finances need to be monitored, but external finances have improved.

“Poland’s hardest times are over, but the recovery will also be moderate due to fundamental issues such as the tendency towards pro-cyclical fiscal stimulus and high foreign debt burden”, says the Allianz Trade expert.

Adrian Andrzejewski

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